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ULIPINDIA.COM is a new era Indian Ecommerce Marketplace service provider by combine multiple options of marketing and benefits of online vs conventional together for shifting society better to best. As the main target is to combine all possible options of marketing in one platform, ULIPINDIA.COM hereby merging all such possibilities in line with upgrading of skills, unity, leadership, income and prosperity of each who is involved directly or indirectly in this marketing platform, along with online shopping experience


We believe that every business shall have a value oriented Business Ethics which shall focus on national interest, man kind, animal kind and nature kind.Our Business Ethics includes No dealing of Man, Animal, Environment Cruelty product, No deal of Anti national products, No dealing of Alcohol & Narcotics products, Environment harm free products, No dealing of products made in enemy countries of our Nation. We and all our associates work hard to maintain our ethics throughout our business operation


CAN combine three entities of the market Customers + Affiliate Marketing Professionals (AMP) + Network Affiliate Marketing Professionals (NAMP), three core components of robust marketing global methodologies. CAN is a new concept designed by ULIP visionary management to achieve better results in this modern era by combining multiple entities. Accruing all three entities in a single system is known as CAN (Customer + AMP + NAMP) system. ULIPINDIA.COM follow CAN system to deliver best result.

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ULIP (ULIPINDIA.com) offers golden opportunity to Indian citizens belongs to all segment to shop and earn income as an Affiliate / Reseller / Influencer / Networker  in India. Discuss your doubts, views and experience about all common topics like work from home in India, online business India, ecommerce marketplace in India, Passive income in India, Reseller in India, ULIP monthly income, Profit share ecommerce marketplace, online selling India, benefits of ULIP INDIA, etc with existing teams.

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